Rob Hollingworth Scuba Diving in the Seychelles


Rob Hollingworth Self Portrait

hi, i’m rob

i started web design way back in school for a GCSE project, i made a website selling phones and all i can remember is that i put way more effort in than i was meant too. i loved playing around with code and have been hooked ever since

nowadays i work full time doing i.t for the nhs which is great and like to design sites and apps for people in my spare time, i even create domains just to play around with ideas which will develop into full blown projects

for hobbies, i love photography, this is my biggest passion but a close second is cycling/rowing/running – basically anything to burn off a bit of energy

i am based in colchester, essex, so if you are this way and fancy a ride around the great countryside that we have here, give me a shout, just use the contact section at the bottom of the page

so that’s me, i look forward to speaking to you soon